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Located in the beautiful countryside of the Pacific Northwest, our family raises Traditional & Colourpoint Siberian kittens in our home. Our cats bloodlines go back more than four generations of registered ancestry. The kittens are lovingly raised with the help of family who are actively involved in giving each kitten undivided attention.

I have imported cats from Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and Italy. I have also purchased cats from across the country and have had them picked up and delivered to door to door. You can be assured in knowing that I have safely flown many kittens across country to their new families. I do the whole process for you, all you have to do is pick up your precious fur baby!

There isn't a question I won't answer to the best of my ability to make sure you feel confident in the process of Reserving a kitten and making the suitable travel arrangements for your new furry friend to come home to you.

When you contact our cattery, you will be speaking to me, the breeder, personally and I can gladly video chat with you to introduce you to the available kittens. My cattery has a certificate of Registry with both TICA and CFA and I hold an Ethical Breeder certificate with TICA .



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