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Our Cats


Although we have nicknames for our kittens, we don't formally name them. This helps the Veterinarian's office organize their Vet records and our cattery's filings.
Also, when you go to register your new cat you don't have to pay TICA an additional $60 to change it's name.

Each litter has a Litter assigned to it. Five years ago we started out with Litter A. Today we currently have Litter X. 

We breed a) to improve the quality of the Siberian breed. b) for hypoallergenic qualities and c) for personality. 

We've added two new low allergen kittens to our cattery in Summer 2022. They are littermates who are originally from a small breeder friend in Oregon. The lineage of their grandparents are from Tom Lundburg who produces very, very low allergen kittens. We've named them Simba and Nala. Nala is a sealpoint and Simba is a blue silverpoint. Simba will be our new King of the cattery. 3/5 of our kids are allergic to cats and these two have been proven to be very hypoallergenic. I would like to start testing my breeders by the end of 2023. Right now my females are still kittens who won't be ready to breed until Fall 2023 as we are retiring most of our current queens; these new kittens will grow up and take their place. See available adult cats for sale if interested as I will be posting photos of the available adult Siberian cats there soon, or check our facebook cattery page for up to date details.


The Toms will be: Max - a group 1 traditional Siberian, Simba - a blue Silverpoint.

 will be ready to breed in 6 months. We've recently used Mikola as our stud. Mikola a Champion Show Cat from Russia. He is a very affectionate, loving dog-like cat who currently lives at our breeder friend's house.

Mikola has produced a couple of litters already from our queens. They have cute little dollfaces are very affectionate and love to jump around & play.

The queens going forward will be: Ivolga - a group 2 traditional Siberian her daughter  Derp a traditional who will be ready to breed in 4 months. 


Ivolga | Siberian |

Ivy's is a beautiful bi-color Siberian with gold eyes. Bi-color means she has a lot of white fur as you can see on her belly. She came to us from Italy. Her grandparents are originally from Russia. She is a sweet, cuddly cat. She has the sweetest personality and raises the most affectionate kittens. Her kittens often classify as therapy kittens/cats.


Maximus | Siberian |


Meet Maximus. Max is a black smoke Siberian. Max has an extremely rare Pedigree. He has old Russian bloodlines. Among the thousands of Siberian catteries, only 12 breeders in the world breed cats with this rare of pedigree; and eight of those breeders are located in Russia & Europe.

Max is 4 years old and our main stud, He produces a variety of kittens, usually dependent upon the combination of genes of both the mother & father and sometimes their dominant grandparents genes meet. His litters are ready to go this fall/winter.

As you can see from Max's photos, black smoke kittens blossom into the most STUNNING and beautiful cats imaginable!


Upcoming Litter and Future Breeding Plans:

*If you would like to get a Siberian kitten from our cattery, please contact me to find out which kittens are available 

I also work with other local Siberian breeders and with breeders across the US and Canada who may have available kittens. If you are in another state or Province and want to buy a kitten within your area, I can recommend a Siberian breeder to you.

To insure their optimum health and well being, after the kittens leave, we let our mother cats rest, be themselves and take a break from breeding and from raising kittens. We allow them to come into a natural heat when the queen feels she is ready; so the queens only produce 2 litters a year. Stay tuned and follow the facebook page to watch for the announcement of a new litter to arrive! 

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