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A Siberian kitten from our cattery is $1800-2500 depending upon colour, gender, show quality as defined by TICA breed standards. Please contact for details about the individual kitten you are interested in to confirm it's availability & price.


Once deposit is received, CONGRATULATIONS! A kitten will be Reserved for you in your name!

If a Reservation is made on a litter that is yet to be born, your name will be added to the wait list until the litter is born. Once a litter is born and you have chosen your kitten the $300 non-refundable deposit will go towards the balance of the kitten you choose. 
If you decide not to choose a kitten from the current litter, your deposit will be moved to the next litter and so on for up to a year from the date of the deposit. After that, it is non-transferable.

Deposits are non-refundable because of the care and upkeep of that developing kitten and as the Siberian kitten is getting older day by day, specifically Reserving or holding that kitten for you causes us to turn away other interested buyers and a timely sale from that kitten.

Personal checks and money orders are accepted for the deposit, as well the following payment methods listed below . Please fill out the Waitlist form before sending the deposit.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made through your bank via Person-to-Person transfer.
Your bank should have a mobile app you can download which is automatically connected to Zelle/Quickpay . You can then transfer money securely there for no fees!

If your method of payment is PayPal a 3% processing fee has been added to the amount being sent (as it is always deducted on my end; I can show you a copy).

If you mail a check for the balance of the kitten, the check will have to clear a week before the transfer date of the kitten.

In person Cash payments and Canadian e-transfers are also an accepted form of payment. Keep in mind price is in US dollars. Final payment must clear before the transfer of kitten date.

The following forms of payments are accepted:

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Shipping & Transporation

State to State 
If you live in another state (other than Washington state) we will be using Alaska Airlines Pet Connect They are fantastic with their Pet Care services and have a climate controlled area on the plane for pets to travel. The fee is 350 USD which includes the kennel & health certificate.

Alaska Airlines Pet Connect are fantastic with their Pet Care services and have a climate controlled area on the plane for pets. The price is 450 USD. The price includes the airline ticket, the kennel and the health certificate by a Vet which is required for air travel. If arranging other out of state transports keep in mind that it will require a kennel and a health certificate which is $160. 

If you live in another state (other than Washington state) I can also arrange to have a flight nanny deliver the kitten to your nearest major airport if you prefer; it costs $650 if booked in advance. $900USD for two kittens.

Location & Cattery Visit
We are dual citizens and used to spend a lot of time in both countries. We have two residences, one in Victoria, BC and one north of Bellingham, WA. We are caretakers at both houses and the residences are located beside a church. But our main location where the cats & kittens reside is in Ferndale, Wa.
You are welcome to visit our home in Ferndale to see our Siberian cats & kittens for a $80 USD visit fee.  We welcome you to schedule a visit when it's convenient for you.

Update: we've gone away from having visitors inside our house due to having grandparents who are 80+ live with us. We don't want to risk having the elderly people in our lives to be exposed to anything that may cause them to fall ill. Visits will be in the backyard only. A backyard visit is $40

Delivery Options

I am available to deliver your new kitten directly to you for a fee of 1.95 US a mile in Washington.  
A flat fee of $300.00 USD to Friday Harbor.

Canadian Customers:

We have quite a few kittens who are happily living in B.C. and I have sent a couple of our kittens to the east coast and they are happily living in New Brunswick & Toronto.

Keep in mind, that the cost is in US dollars so you will have to add on the exchange rate.

Local B.C. families:
A flat fee of $250.00 CND for delivery of a Siberian kitten from our home in the U.S. which is just outside of Bellingham to Aldergrove B.C. Second kitten is 30% off. 
The kitten requires a Veterinarian visit to obtain a Vet examination, a health Certificate for travel into Canada and to verify that the kitten is up to date on his/her vaccinations according to it's age.

Out of Province:
If you require the kitten to travel to you from Vancouver to another Province, the kitten needs to be 12 weeks old.
The delivery fee to Air Canada Airport in Vancouver plus the Airfare, Kennel & health certificate for the kitten to fly on Air Canada Pet is $375 CND total for all travel expenses. Air Canada is above board and has a heated area on the plane for pets who travel to their destination alone and air conditioning in the summer months. 

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